How to teach a child to count?

How to teach a child to count?

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There is no royal path to learning mathematics.

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Mathematics is called the queen of the sciences by some, it is hated by others because of its complexity and complexity. Not everyone can understand it, even scholars cause a lot of difficulties, but just reasoning in mathematics is enough to get the correct conclusions under the same correct assumptions. Kind of incomprehensible and yet banal.

In a few years our branch will stand in the school walls and start learning, among others, mathematics. Whether it can handle counting or make it easier for the child to learn these skills depends a lot on us, the parents. It is worth thinking about what to do to help your child learn difficult counting and start it before going to school or kindergarten.

What is worth remembering before we start learning to count with a child?

The basis of every learning is the pleasure of learning. We cannot force a child and order learning. Just as we can't teach a child to walk alone, compulsion is not an option with learning to count.

It should also be remembered that each child develops individually at his own pace, which is why it is easier for one child, and for another it is more difficult. If everything were so simple and obvious, we would have the same mathematicians in the world and that's not the point.

Learning numbers and working on them requires many years of learning. Let's not delude ourselves that we will make a preschooler a mathematician, because his mind is not yet able to comprehend everything exactly. Therefore, learning to count should be appropriate to the age and capabilities of the child. We are the parents who are the first teachers for the child and decide what knowledge they will acquire.

A lot depends on our willingness, so if we have already started learning numbers, let's continue it and systematically improve it.

Can you teach how to count an infant?

Glenn Doman has developed a method to teach a baby (and even a newborn) how to count (or read). Mainly for learning are white cards with red dots.

During the first 5 days, 10 boards are quickly shown to the child (dots 1-10). Each time, the parent lists the number of dots on the card. After 5 days, replace one old card with a new one. And so after 3 months, the child should master cards up to 100 dots and learn to distinguish individual cards with dots from each other.

After 30 days of learning how to learn numbers, you learn how to add, after 40 days, subtraction and so in order: then multiplication, division and equations. Only on the 96th day cards with dots and numbers are displayed and so the child after 4 days learns numbers from 1-100 already in the form of numbers and not dots. Regularity is very important in this method, the child should be rested, fed and above all willing to cooperate.

Learning to count 2-3 years

To start the adventure of counting at all, the child should already speak quite well, so that it is not difficult to say and repeat numbers. Learning not to be boring and monotonous should be done in several ways. It is best to familiarize yourself with the numbers and activities on them during everyday activities as well as while having fun.

When introducing a child to a given number, first of all, for example, point the hand at the given object we are counting and then give its order name (e.g. pointing to the teddy bear - this is one bear). It is important that every time a child or parent points their hands at what counts. To start with, let's start counting the items ourselves, then encourage the child to count together, then let them do it alone without help.


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