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Why do milk teeth need to be treated?

Conclusions from consultations with many parents show that among them there is a view that milk teeth do not need to be treated. What action should you take if your doctor diagnoses caries? How quickly does tooth decay develop in milk teeth? How should decay of milk teeth be treated and does it really need to be treated?

Purpose of the first adaptation visit

The first visit to the dentist should appear shortly after the first or second milk tooth has been erupted. A visit is needed to diagnose the development of teeth and gums. It is worth making the first meeting of a child with a dentist adaptive. During such a visit, the doctor gets acquainted with the child and also tries to gain his trust. The child has the chance to learn about the new place, which is the study. In addition, the visit allows the doctor to make friends with the child, which automatically positively affects their future cooperation in the field of treatment and prevention.

When a doctor diagnoses caries ...

Caries mainly appears in blind holes, furrows, cervical surfaces and tangent surfaces. Enamel of primary teeth is twice thinner than permanent enamel. The dynamics of milk tooth decay is also increased. The disease process quickly, sometimes even within a few weeks, changes from one stage to the next. In the treatment of caries, methods such as remineralization (occurrence of initial caries; topical application of a fluorine compound), impregnation (supersaturation of tissues affected by caries with mineralizing and bactericidal chemical agents), filling of carious defects (mechanical removal of changed tissues in such a way as to avoid exposing the pulp).

The consequences of untreated milk tooth decay

The view that there is no need to treat milk teeth is wrong. Maintaining the molluscs for spontaneous, biological prolapse is necessary for trouble-free chewing of food, proper muscle development, speech, as well as maintaining space for permanent teeth. Caries may affect their premature loss. What are the effects of this ?: