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We have received the FirstBIKE cross-country bike to the editorial office address. We decided to check it carefully for you. We spared neither our own strength nor tested running gear and went on trips outside the city, we on traditional bikes, our three and a half year tester on a FirstBIKE bicycle - to the forest, to the beach, on an even and uneven surface. We spent time intensively. And we already know if it is worth it and whether it is a good product.

Here are our opinions.

For whom?

FirstBIKE is a bike designed for children from 2 to 5 years. Does it work in this age category?

The bike was tested by a three and a half year old, already riding a cross-country bicycle with pumped wheels, a brake and a foot stand. The first thing that caught the eye was the low weight of the bike. FirstBIKE is light (3.9 kilograms together with the brake) and it can easily lift even a small child. This is important because it affects the sense of security during the journey and decides whether the child can feel independent while driving.

Is the bike safe?

Our tester rode on a bicycle in a helmet (for us it is a mandatory part of the clothing of a small cyclist, but everyone decides for themselves whether they wear a helmet recommended by experts for children). The girl, put in a long cross-country ride, easily mastered the ride on this bike. However, does the ease of use of FirstBIKE have a direct impact on security?

Certainly a bike there are no sharp edges.

In addition, it has limited steering wheel turns, which was immediately noticed by our tester riding a bike before without this option. In this way, the bike is to help maintain one lane.

Security also ensures hand brake (rear) traditionally mounted on the right hand handle of the bike (which may unfortunately be a difficulty for left-handed children). The braking force can be adjusted. Operating the brake after a few attempts for our tester proved to be trouble-free.

Flexible frame in turn absorbs shocks, which according to the manufacturer, additionally protect the baby's delicate spine.

Reflective stickers provide good visibility of the bike after dark or when riding in the fog.

In addition, the bike has mudguards that protect the child from riding in adverse weather conditions.


It is difficult to objectively assess endurance after several weeks of testing, so the assessment must be incomplete (however, if our opinion changes over time, we will certainly inform you about it), but nevertheless we will undertake the effort to present it.

The manufacturer informs that the material from which the bikes are made is durable because it contains the addition of carbon fiber. How does it look in practice? Nothing really touches the bicycle: throwing it, falling (at least two happened to us), also the attempts made by parents to violate its construction. There seem to be no reservations in this respect.

Seat height adjustment

A huge plus is the option ofadjust the saddle height using the knob under the seat. You don't need any tools, but ... a bit of strength. The mechanism is quite simple, but with tightening it requires focus on the parent's side.

In addition, the youngest children can take advantage of the possibility of lowering the saddle by purchasing a special element to enable it.


You can buy bells (29 zlotys), baskets (45 zlotys), reflective vests (25 zlotys) and even a ski that allows you to move on snow (99 zlotys). The balance bike is available in several interesting colors.

The only minus is ... unfortunately price: 399 zlotys. In comparison with quality, however, it does not raise any objections.


The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and a five-year warranty on all other parts.

Even if we wanted to stick, unfortunately we have nothing to do ...

Deserved maximum rating!


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