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Hemp oil (medical marijuana) for many health problems in children and adults

When you talk about cannabis, the topic of marijuana and its legalization begins. However, it is not about promoting cannabis smoking because it is not used in this form in medicine.

Thousands of people around the world use hemp oil for many health ailments. In Poland, unfortunately, they often have to reach for an ingredient from illegal sources, because there are no others, and the black market is booming.

There is also another way - importing cannabis from abroad, after making many requests and obtaining appropriate approvals. It's a time-consuming, difficult path, without a guarantee of success. Pretty pointless.

Why do we not treat people for whom traditional forms of treatment do not work? By what right do we deny them a chance for relief or even return to full fitness?

There is also a financial aspect from which it is difficult to escape. We allow people to earn money instead of growing hemp in Poland for medical purposes - emphasizes Jerzy Zięba in the film below and immediately hurries with arguments that are difficult to refuse logic (be sure to see, because the topic is really remarkable).

What can hemp oil be used for?

  • at AZS,
  • for psoriasis,
  • for aching joints,
  • asthma,
  • has great pain relief effects,
  • to treat epilepsy
  • and many other diseases.

More about the use of cannabis in medicine and about the social project of Jerzy Zięba (who we support with all my heart) on the recording below.

We encourage you to watch.