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Caesarean section - pros and cons

Caesarean section saves the life of mother and child. This is an operation that cannot be discussed, and in many cases it is simply necessary to terminate the pregnancy in this way, because natural birth is not possible. Increasingly, however, this method is chosen for reasons other than medical. And it does not judge us whether women can decide on the emperor themselves or force her to perform a doctor - this is not the point. The problem is rather access to reliable and full knowledge - before you go on a planned caesarean section, read about the pros and cons of this solution.

Caesarean section - advantages

If this is a cesarean section on request, the undoubted advantage is that you know the date when the baby will be born. It can be stressful in a sense, but at the same time it allows you to plan everything well. You can be sure that the situation will not surprise you. Everything is going according to plan, without unnecessary stress and unknowns. If you have an older child / children, you can take care of him in good time.

In addition, the second advantage is no childbirth pain. If you go to elective emperor, you avoid painful cramps, stress and discomfort. You do not have to experience several examinations in the delivery room, assessment of dilation, you do not worry about the delivery as an active site, on which everything depends. You put yourself in the hands of doctors who perform the procedure and you feel nothing.

The issue is debatable pain after delivery. Voices are different here. It is difficult to compare the individual course of delivery by the forces of nature (with various unpleasant consequences that may occur) with the Caesarean section, which is a serious surgery. A woman after childbirth can feel great, she can also be immobilized for a variety of reasons and she hurt a lot for days. It is generally accepted that pain after the emperor is usually greater than after delivery by nature. This does not mean that there are no cases when a woman after the emperor almost immediately gets up and feels great.

The advantage of cesarean section is undoubtedly no risk to the fetus and complications associated with squeezing through the birth canal. Starting with the lack of risk of hypoxia, and ending with such banal issues - as the absence of abrasions, bruises and distortions of the head during childbirth by the forces of nature.

Women also appreciate another aspect of the cesarean section - it is the protection of the genital tract. The woman down there looks exactly the same, she doesn't have to wait for the incision or cracks to heal. There is also less stress before sex and the fact that after delivery it will no longer be as satisfying.

Caesarean section - disadvantages

Caesarean section, unfortunately, are also disadvantages. One of the most important is the fact that the child does not benefit from all the benefits of passing through the birth canal. Also, childbirth is generally (which doesn't always mean) safer than delivery by Caesarean section, especially for the mother of the child.

Some mothers complain about that Caesarean section deprived them of the possibility of surviving the birth as Mother Nature wanted: with full awareness and the possibility of seeing a newborn baby, feeling that the toddler is being born. Unfortunately, in some situations, delivery by caesarean section excludes the possibility of a mother hugging the newborn immediately after delivery - kangaroo and first contact goes to the side of the child's father or other accompanying person.

The disadvantage can be pain after delivery standing up when the painkillers stop working, as well as discomfort during breastfeeding. Pain can cause problems with normal functioning, let alone taking care of the newborn.

Recovery after the emperor can last up to a month and longer. During this time you have to avoid carrying around, many items are unacceptable. You also need to pay attention to the wound and care for the skin in a special way. In addition, caesarean section necessitates a longer stay in the hospital - a minimum of three days, and usually excludes the possibility of the presence of a person accompanying childbirth (although this is to change).

There is also a scar after cesarean section. Of course, there are methods that allow you to reduce it, but the postpartum mark remains. During convalescence, unfortunately, there may also be various complications, including wound infection.

There is something else to keep in mind - doctors recommend that the next pregnancy after the emperor be planned at least two years after delivery.

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