Free products for the child and his parents

Free products for the child and his parents

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If you think that to get something for free, you have to deserve it or hard to earn, then I hope that in a moment you will be pleasantly surprised. Many companies offer the opportunity to receive free samples of their products to attract new customers and keep existing ones. You can also get gadgets that will be useful to many new parents! How to use these opportunities? Read!

Samples for parents

Sampling in the positive sense of the word does not therefore mean collecting any free items. It is a way to try, test before buying, get opinions about a product that we can become a buyer.
The open question remains: how to find on the Internet the addresses of institutions that will share free items with us? How do you make a postman come to us with a package for which you won't pay a penny? Whoever has a lot of free time will definitely end up in the source of free gadgets. This article has been created for all busy and not feeling the need of browsing the Internet.

Modified milk samples

Parents who face the dilemma of choosing the right formula can order them directly from several manufacturers.

It is worth starting by registering in the Baby Hipp Club.

After completing the short form, we can once order one of the packages we are interested in, which includes Milk Hipp 2 BIO Combiotic or Milk Hipp 2 HA Combiotic (there are 2 samples in each set) together with materials that broaden the parent's knowledge about new Hipp products for babies.

Please note that it is not possible to re-order the same samples. A package with free content will be delivered to us within 30 days.

In addition, registration in the Maluszka Club allows us to participate in many interesting competitions with interesting prizes and gives us the opportunity to consult by phone with a pediatrician on duty, mother with several years of experience, who cooperates with Hipp. Club members can also receive answers to their questions by posting them on the KMM board.


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