What kind of fish and how much is healthy for children to eat

What kind of fish and how much is healthy for children to eat

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Fish is a splendid food, whose nutritional value lies in the fact that it provides high-quality protein (what we doctors call “of high biological value”), good fat (omega 3 fatty acids) and phosphorus.

But, How much fish should children eat? What are the most suitable fish for a healthy diet in childhood? And which ones should you avoid? On our site we clarify it for you.

Phosphorus is used by the body for many different functions; Among them, a very prominent one is to synthesize a very special fat abundant in the brain, which we call "phospholipid". Hence the very correct popular belief that if you eat fish, your memory works better. Specifically, in Spain this virtue is attributed to the consumption of sardines.

On the other hand, fish of maritime origin suppose a great supply of iodine, which in turn helps the thyroid gland to correctly synthesize thyroid hormones.

In pediatric age, it is recommended that fish be consumed from 6-9 months of life, at least 3-4 times a week. It is recommended to consume white fish, because its caloric value is the most balanced. It can be substituted once a week for a small blue fish, such as sardines or anchovies, as long as too large portions are not consumed, due to their higher caloric value.

It should be noted that not all fish are equally healthy:

- In pregnant women and children under three years of age, it is not recommended: the consumption of swordfish, shark, bluefin tuna and pike, due to their high content of mercury, which is a potentially neurotoxic element. These four fish are predators with long life cycles, and they tend to accumulate the mentioned metal. Pregnant women and young children are especially vulnerable to its harmful action.

- In children over three years: and throughout the pediatric age, these fish could be consumed, but not more than once a month (in adults, not more than once every two weeks).

- In recent years, there is a lot of talk about the panga, a river fish that is mostly raised on farms in the Mekong River area. Beyond other considerations, it is a less interesting white fish than others (such as hake, rooster, sole, etc.), due to its lower content of proteins of high biological value and healthy fat.

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