Parental hits

Active Playgro cups

A very simple toy with many possibilities. Utilizing children's preference for splashing liquids, pouring sand, inserting one item into another, stacking, sorting, building towers and other structures. Seemingly bland and banal, but in practice it has many advantages. It allows for creative fun with many possibilities.

They can play with a toy six-month-old children. In my opinion, there is no upper limit. Two-year-old daughter plays with cups as well as older children visiting her.

Cups can be played on the floor, in the bathtub, in the sand, in many ways. They have holes, so playing with them becomes even more interesting.

Active cups are durable and virtually indestructible. In addition, a plus for convenience and interesting colors.

Price around PLN 15.

A similar product is available from other brands. Cups of various shapes and sizes can also be found on the market.

I would recommend!